1. RSVP Patient Support Group

The RSVP Patient Support Group offer to transport patients, particularly the elderly, who find it difficult to get to and from their appointments. They will also be able to help patients who have a problem picking up prescriptions. All members of the Patient Support Group are volunteers who give up their time for the benefit of fellow patients. Although there is no specific charge for this service, patients are encouraged to make a donation when possible to defray expenses. Suggested donations – £2 within Barnard Castle, £6 to Darlington or Bishop Auckland.
To request transport with RSVP please phone (01833) 631365 at least 2 working days before transport is required.

  1. Travel Response

What is Travel Response?

Previously, non-emergency ambulance transport was booked by your doctor’s surgery and patients who didn’t qualify had to make their own arrangements for travel to appointments. Travel Response is a new approach that provides one number for you to call for information on non-emergency travel to hospital.

How can Travel Response Help?

The Travel Response Centre will tell you the travel options when you need to travel to and from hospital.
You may be eligible for free non-emergency ambulance transport. If you are not eligible, Travel Response will help you find the most appropriate alternative, such as the new Dales Hospital Link, Community Transport Service, local bus or taxi.
If you are eligible to reclaim the cost of your travel this continues to be assessed by the hospital

Who can use Travel Response?

Anyone can use the service as long as they are travelling to or from hospital and live in qualifying parts of Teesdale and Weardale. However it is particularly appropriate if you
· have a medical condition,
· are a carer accompanying someone to an appointment,
· wish to visit someone in hospital,
· are a staff member requiring transport.

How do I contact Travel Response?

Travel Response is open 8.30am until 5.30pm
Monday to Thursday. 8.30am until 4.30pm Friday.
Ring (0191) 383 5383
A minicom number is also available 0191) 383 6472
If you wish to cancel your booking outside of Travel Response opening times an out of hours cancellation number is available. Just call (0191) 383 5372 and leave a message.
(0191) 383 5383 and (0191) 372 5372 are not premium rate numbers. Normal charges apply.

  1. The Dales Hospital Link

What is The Dales Hospital Link?

The Dales Hospital Link is a flexible bus service linking Teesdale and Weardale with Darlington Memorial Hospital and Bishop Auckland Hospital. Pre-booking using Travel Response is essential on the service.

Who can use Hospital Link ?

Anyone can use the service as long as they are travelling to or from hospital and live in parts of Teesdale and Weardale within the scope of the scheme.

Hospital Link Fares

£2.50 per single journey (children under 14 years £1).
Concessionary passes are valid on this service.
If you are eligible to reclaim the cost of your travel, this continues to be assessed by the hospital.

How to Book

Pre-booking on this service is essential.
Contact the Travel Response Centre (0191) 383 5383 to make your booking and you will be given a half hour ‘window’ in which you will be picked up.

Download a leaflet with details of Travel Response and Dales Hospital Link by clicking here. (If your browser does not display the leaflet then right-click and choose “Save Target As’ to download file to your own computer).